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'No Ketchup' MV

We at Sala Thai Kitchen, Firmly believes that, Ketchup does not belong in, Pad Thai.


So much that we actually made a music video about it.

You wont want to miss this...

Zoomer TV


where she went shared her secrets to her Pad Thai recipe.

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About Us

Chef Mo

Chef Mo, known for her fun and energetic personality, is often 

recognized by her iconic catchphrase, “No Ketchup in My Pad Thai!”. However, there is a much deeper insight to her phrase. With a strong passion for promoting Thai culture through her culinary skills cultivated. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Halal or have any other dietary restrictions, Chef Mo has carefully crafted dishes that cater to your needs.

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Our Menu

Come to experience the flavors of Thailand like never before

We are serving Dinner at the Restaurant now

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Discovered this gem randomly as I was searching for Halal places and was extremely pleased with the experience.
It’s a clean cozy spot with amazing Thai food and friendly service.

We tried the Tom Yum Pad Thai with Chicken and Khao Soi with chicken. Both were delicious in their own right. The flavors in the Khao Soi were fantastic and the portion sizes were generous.
Paid $40 including tip.
Dietary restrictions: Fully Halal
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Great food. I got the pad se ew, I always have a hard time finding authentic Thai food and they hit the nail on the head. I asked for a lime wedge even though it doesn’t come with the dish, and they gave me a wrapped lime half, so 10/10 on my opinion. It’s not a fancy spot to sit but it’s perfectly good to sit and eat
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Authentic Thai food. Best Thai food restaurant in mississauga. Our Thai food only restaurant in town. It’s a pity there is no dine in, but no one beat the flavor and taste of the curry. After you tried the green curry here, you will feel other Thai green curry is like with water in the soup.
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